Webposition Going Downhill Fast

I use Webposition to query search engines and generate reports for SEO. Webposition used to be owned by Webtrends. Nobody can tell who owns them now. I blogged in October about an extended Webposition outage. They never answered their phone and never got back to anybody about what happened. They used to have a standout guy (Scott Goodyear) doing support for them via both phone and email. Now, when you call Webposition, nobody answers and the line goes dead. When you email, it usually takes > 12 hours for Webposition support to respond with far less than satisfying non-answers.

WebPosition Problems

The most recent problem I’ve been having with Webposition is an error with MSN search results across multiple missions. There’s no continuity (or speed) to the responses I’m getting from Webposition support. It’s clear to me that I’m communicating with multiple people. But you’d never know from their names… because Webposition support doesn’t provide names anymore. One person tells me to send a .mis file (I do) and then a day later says “We have not been able to replicate your error message. What operating system are you using?” I explain there’s nothing special about my PC setup. They respond asking me to send a .mis file. (Sound redundant?) And suggest uninstalling and reinstalling.  I uninstall Webposition. Reinstall Webposition. Enter my Webposition unlock code. Oh, then I’m told my license is revoked. Can’t use the software anymore. Can’t get anybody on the phone. Can’t even leave a message. There’s more, but it’s even more repetitive and mundane, so I’ll spare you.

If you know of a good Webposition alternative, and have had a good personal experience with it for gathering SEO data, please comment. I almost purchased Web CEO instead of Webposition, now I’m sort of thinking I should have.

Dan Dreifort provides SEO and usability consulting and training for advertising/marketing firms’ clients and a few lucky personal clients. Packages start at $500/mo.

10 thoughts on “Webposition Going Downhill Fast

  1. This is getting old fast. Webposition broke. I followed webposition support’s advice and it revoked my webposition license. So, I can no longer use my broken software. Furthermore, webposition still doesn’t answer their phone. (510-962-5035) Because they have several different people answering support email, there is no continuity. So when 12 hours after I send them an email, somebody replies with “What operating system are you using?” and I say “XP Pro SP3.” It’s not surprising (or at least it isn’t anymore) when the next day somebody from Web Position asks me about my OS version again. Unless you hear something totally contradictory from me in the very near future, do yourself a favor: Do not buy webposition.

  2. Webposition gets off the hook here… but only a little. After almost two weeks, we’ve tracked the problem to Verizon Wireless, my EVDO provider. So I got a new laptop to run webposition from another location. But alas, Webposition does not work on Windows 7. The next version of Webposition (5) will work on Windows 7, but it won’t be out for “another few months.” Dealing with Verizon is always a huge pain in the rear… so I asked Webposition support for help in conveying to Verizon Wireless what might be the problem. No response. So in short… they both suck. Avoid them both.

  3. Thanks for this! I thought I was the only one! Their support number is no longer functioning at all – just get a “check your number” message. The product updating has completely ceased today – I’ve checked different copies in different locations and different countries. Of course, I don’t expect to get a response from support until I have sent the 3rd or 4th repetition of the same problem. I suspect they’ll simply tell me to use their online product, which is a completely amateurish load of rubbish. I’d love to find an alternative product which matches the capabilities. Forced to use it – have learned to hate it!

    1. Yeah… I’m super annoyed with Web Position. How do they think it’s a good business model to leave all of their existing clients in the cold? As if I’m going to pay them a monthly fee to use their non-secure online product when they’ve made a mess of everything… They should pay *me* if I’m going to put all of my clients’ marketing data on their servers. What a bunch of clowns. I hope they choke on their clown shoes.

  4. Hi Dan,

    I agree with you whole heartedly. I have been a webposition user for about 11 years. They were one of the first programs that I used when I started doing SEO. They have always been a pain in the ass to deal with and they have really gone downhill. I have used them over the years mostly due to habit and knowing the program fairly well.
    I started getting crashes when using it starting a few months ago. Nothing had changed in my system. I sent the log file that it kicks out when it crashes to webposition support and this genius said “Looks like you need to reinstall it”. What an astute observation. No “Try This” or “Try That” just reinstall it and get out of my face. Didn’t have the time of day for someone that has been a paying customer for so long.
    The interesting thing is that soon after I starting getting the crashes they rolled out the online version. Seems awfully coincidental that my program that I have been using weekly for years has suddenly went “Tits Up” prior to their new launch. Anyway, that’s my rant and I’m sticking to it.

    Chris Arnell
    El Dorado SEO

  5. great stuff dan. ive also fallen out of love with many seo tools recently. I just started using something called rankranger and i think they might have what it takes to stay in it for the long run. That’s what im using now for seo reports, and think you might like it too

    1. Thanks Frank.
      I looked, but I’m not nuts about Rank Ranger’s pricing/packages, so I’ll take a pass. But it’s good to hear that there’s something out there for somebody 😉


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