The Best Flavored Coffee?

My cardiologist told me to give up caffeine a little over a year ago. I took her advice to heart. (ha!) Just like that, my premature ventricular beat all but went away. Confession: I sneak the occasional indulgent sip from the wife's coffee. She's the oddball who regularly splits her coffee attention between purist-friendly single-origin … Continue reading The Best Flavored Coffee?

Cooking Show Pitch Graveyard

A dozen years ago, I published a controversial heady exposé about new cat food flavors. The food journalism world is still recovering. My most recent chef interview/recipe piece (grilled cheese pizza) dropped way back when COVID-19 was still called coronavirus. We're long past due for another food category article. So when colleague/pal Caroline Barry recently … Continue reading Cooking Show Pitch Graveyard

Late Night Pizza Grilled Cheese Pizza Recipe

A pizza story in three acts: The Recipe, The Interview, Lessons Learned. Act I: The Pizza Recipe There’s an online recipe trend wherein chef-writers write endlessly before giving you the recipe. That sucks. Those people deserve your ire and scorn. So, without ado, here’s one of my favorite pizza recipes, from Late Night Pizza’s Michael … Continue reading Late Night Pizza Grilled Cheese Pizza Recipe

Pizza Poem


A member of my stalwart Wednesday evening badminton crew introduced me to fifty-cent slice night at a local pizzeria. I was reminded of a pizza poem I crafted circa 1998. I think it's a metaphor, or something. I ate a slice of it for lunch I'd like to have some more I can not get … Continue reading Pizza Poem

Top 5 New Cat Food Flavors

Staring at the Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor DENTAL TREATS cats love! AKA Feline Greenies (TM), I pondered yet another in a long line of unoriginal thoughts: Why do we feed cats food flavored for humans? The answer is two-fold. 1. We do not. Well, I'm reasonably sure we're not feeding our cats food that's flavored … Continue reading Top 5 New Cat Food Flavors