Tempurpedic and TLC Laser Eye Center

The two seemingly have nothing in common, but here they are, Tempurpedic and TLC Laser Eye Center sharing a stupid blog post. Why? I’ve made pages for both of these companies. The former makes memory foam mattresses and I’m trying to scheme the system by bilking them of their foam. That’s right. I want foam. So to that end, I made a fourth page on my Free Tempurpedic Bed Project page. Tempurpedic page four. You love it. The latter, they’re one of those LASIK refractive laser eye surgery joints. I know a few people who’ve gotten lased. They’re almost entirely happy. Well, to be fair, everybody I know who went to TLC Laser Eye Centers is happy.

TLC Laser

A friend I know who went to another laser eye surgery place had to start wearing glasses again after five years. His girlfriend noticed he was squinting while reading and things regressed from there. Glasses again. TLC vision guaranties your LASIK for life and they have literally hundreds of offices around the US to service your peepers should you move in the future.

So a friend who went to TLC has these coupons for $100 off your TLC procedure and a free consult. She asked me to make a page for her to give her coupons away. She gets a $25 free gas card. Yay. I put some google ads on the page and make a few bucks too. What a world.


So I made a page about Tempurpedic and then made a Tempurpedic page about that page. So this is the Tempurpedic blog post about the Tempurpedic page about the Tempurpedic page. Sickly meta. It’s difficult to care much about something so removed from the actual thing, but what are you gonna do. Yammering on about meta content is much easier than either creating original content or meta content thereof. So I love playing with memory foam mattress material. Can’t fault a guy for that.

My Memory Foam Mattress Quest

But who cares? Somebody does. I not only get plenty of Tempurpedic traffic, people actually write to me telling me they love the way my Tempurpedic sh#t stinks. People even send me memory foam samples. What a world. What an incredible world.