SEO Blogging Best Practices

(WARNING! This article is several years old now. The world of SEO changes often. Take this and any other SEO advice with a grain of salt and an eye for the contemporary.) This article assumes your web team has already configured your blog on a good blogging platform like WordPress with all the best SEO … Continue reading SEO Blogging Best Practices

Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress

What plugins do you add to WordPress installs for better SEO? Use the comments to let me know what's missing from the list. (this list is old as dirt. Ignore it, please) Platinum SEO Pack - It does auto 301 redirects, canonical URLs and plenty more. Google xml sitemaps - Creates your sitemap.xml and updates … Continue reading Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Does Social Media Help SEO?

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(This post is more than a decade old, but here's what word was, then.) Don't count on it... At least not directly. One of the oldest tricks in the search engine optimization bag of tricks is to creatively link to your site from other sites. Will posting links on social media outlets like,, … Continue reading Does Social Media Help SEO?