Webposition Going Downhill Fast

I use Webposition to query search engines and generate reports for SEO. Webposition used to be owned by Webtrends. Nobody can tell who owns them now. I blogged in October about an extended Webposition outage. They never answered their phone and never got back to anybody about what happened. They used to have a standout guy (Scott Goodyear) doing support for them via both phone and email. Now, when you call Webposition, nobody answers and the line goes dead. When you email, it usually takes > 12 hours for Webposition support to respond with far less than satisfying non-answers.

WebPosition Problems

The most recent problem I’ve been having with Webposition is an error with MSN search results across multiple missions. There’s no continuity (or speed) to the responses I’m getting from Webposition support. It’s clear to me that I’m communicating with multiple people. But you’d never know from their names… because Webposition support doesn’t provide names anymore. One person tells me to send a .mis file (I do) and then a day later says “We have not been able to replicate your error message. What operating system are you using?” I explain there’s nothing special about my PC setup. They respond asking me to send a .mis file. (Sound redundant?) And suggest uninstalling and reinstalling.  I uninstall Webposition. Reinstall Webposition. Enter my Webposition unlock code. Oh, then I’m told my license is revoked. Can’t use the software anymore. Can’t get anybody on the phone. Can’t even leave a message. There’s more, but it’s even more repetitive and mundane, so I’ll spare you.

If you know of a good Webposition alternative, and have had a good personal experience with it for gathering SEO data, please comment. I almost purchased Web CEO instead of Webposition, now I’m sort of thinking I should have.

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Webposition Outage

Amongst other tools, I use Webtrends’ Webposition to help with SEO. It’s not the cheapest software in the world nor is it without its problems. I’ve been a satisfied customer for a few years nonetheless. Up until today at least.

I was belatedly finishing my end of month SEO reporting today when I fired up Webposition – only to receive a series of error messages about being unable to connect. After verifying that my connection was indeed working, I decided to grab their support phone number from the webposition.com web site. A-ha! Their site was down. No immediate phone support gratification. I fired off an email to help@webposition.com. That was about twelve hours ago. Still haven’t heard back.

Their site is still down. I’ve trolled the blogosphere and can’t find any other mentions of this outage. I poked around and found a webpostion support phone number on another site and called it. A British woman’s recorded voice instructed me to dial 510-962-5035 “directly” and then the line just hangs there in silence. I know I’ve always dialed a 503 number in Oregon to talk to webposition in the past. And this new number goes to a busy signal immediately.

Further troubling is the fact that searching for “webposition” on the webtrends.com site doesn’t deliver any obvious results. This is troubling. Any clues? This wouldn’t be such a huge deal except that their DRM/licensing checks require access to the now-down webpostition.com site. Without regular (sometimes daily) updates, this software becomes obsolete.

If you know anything of this outage. Please post a comment.