So I made a page about Tempurpedic and then made a Tempurpedic page about that page. So this is the Tempurpedic blog post about the Tempurpedic page about the Tempurpedic page. Sickly meta. It’s difficult to care much about something so removed from the actual thing, but what are you gonna do. Yammering on about meta content is much easier than either creating original content or meta content thereof. So I love playing with memory foam mattress material. Can’t fault a guy for that.

My Memory Foam Mattress Quest

But who cares? Somebody does. I not only get plenty of Tempurpedic traffic, people actually write to me telling me they love the way my Tempurpedic sh#t stinks. People even send me memory foam samples. What a world. What an incredible world.