The Best Flavored Coffee?

My cardiologist told me to give up caffeine a little over a year ago. I took her advice to heart. (ha!) Just like that, my premature ventricular beat all but went away. Confession: I sneak the occasional indulgent sip from the wife’s coffee.

She’s the oddball who regularly splits her coffee attention between purist-friendly single-origin beans and equally hip newfangled flavored coffees. I’m with her; I like ’em both. Oh, how I miss them.

In no particular order, these are my, I mean her, three favorite flavored coffees.

Cafe Moto – Hawaiian Hazelnut

San Diego’s own solar-powered roastery presents this “mid-range” offering. Interesting choice of words, Cafe Moto. I didn’t know coffee roasters ran on electricity. Nor have I ever seen coffee branded low/mid/high range. You learn something new…

Cafe Moto isn’t a ‘flavored coffee company’ per se, but the wife digs their Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee. The product literature claims: “Sweet and mellow is blended with the hazelnut flavor for a bursting aroma and smooth finish in the cup.” More curious word choices, Cafe Moto. Good thing you make your dough from flavored beans and not pretty words!

At more than $20/lb, this fair trade sack a’ beans will set you back. Want your beans ground a particular way? Cafe Moto offers lots of grind options for a small additional fee.

Silver Bridge Coffee – Highlander Grogg

This woman-led biz from Ohio is the champion of flavored coffee, offering 30 or so different freshly roasted coffee flavors. Highlander Grogg is the wife’s fave, so that makes it my favorite! They do single-origins and blends too, but I think flavored coffee is where they shine brightest.

The Silver Bridge Coffee Highlander Grogg product literature proclaims: “This coffee combines the flavors of butterscotch, rum and just a hint of vanilla.” Straight and to the point; I like it. If you’re looking for a gateway to the world of flavored coffee, Silver Bridge offers a few different sampler packs, including seasonal coffee advent samplers.

At about $16/lb – it’s a bargain compared to Cafe Moto. Several grind options at no additional cost.

Jose’s Gourmet Coffee – Vanilla Nut

Straight outa Los Angeles (by way of Cuba,) fourth-generation mega coffee roasters F. Gaviña & Sons owns the Jose’s Gourmet Coffee brand. Jose’s is the only entrant here that’s not a small company, but that doesn’t mean the flavor isn’t legit.

The product literature informs us of: “Sweet and intense aroma, sweet and nutty taste” also “Medium roast with a creamy finish.” I’ll take it!

You can readily find this mass-produced coffee for less than $13/lb. Whole bean only. No grind options.

Decaffeinated flavored coffee is also a thing

And flavored decaf is 94.7% as delicious as the real thing, but I’m pretty caffeine-sensitive and also seemingly fine without the java. However, if you miss the coffee and love the flavor, two of the contenders above offer delish decaf for most or all of their flavored coffees.

How, you ask, could I possibly be doing okay without the lightning juice?! Easy: No kids. Also, being self-employed and not having to start pesky meetings before 11 am is a big help.

…Nobody wants to hear me trying to sound smart early in the morning without coffee. It ain’t pretty.

Dan Dreifort writes about food, drink, art, SEO, and other stuff you want to know about. He’s entering a flash fiction contest in a few days. Telling a story in 400 words is a challenge, but he tried. Look for some of his mini magnum opuses to be published here soon. Thanks for reading.

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