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People who want to know more about Dan Dreifort. Those exist? Awesome! I’m twice as sexy as the next guy. My jaw line makes Brad Pitt’s look like a three year old’s line drawing of a spaghetti monster. I started this blog in February 2009, half a year after Al Gore declared blogs irrelevant. Why the hell is FireFox no longer spell checking my text? I couldn’t have spelled that last word correctly on the first try. Did I? Back in BoJack Horseman’s 90s before blogs existed, I had a proto-blog. It didn’t separate entries by date; I didn’t even use a line-break to break them up. Not much punctuation either. I’m not 100% sure why I did it that way. Partly, there were no standards for what I was doing. Maybe I saw it as a sort of a diary, with no easy way to doodle or otherwise personalize the flow of typed text. Was I grasping at artistic straws? Was I in a sense partially obscuring my words because of the scary public nature of my experiment? Well, it’s all passe now. Everybody’s tweeting about breakfast, or acting absurdly vulgar on reality TV. But not you. You’re better than that. Come to think of it, after more than a decade, I recently went back to the no punctuation, no line breaks thing. These curds don’t run, the indelible album by one of my stellar bands. We wanted to print lyrics in the CD liner, but we lacked space. (READ: Didn’t want to pay to print more insert pages.) So we smushed it all together as best we could. Pass the guacamole. Dan Dreifort consults on blogs about: usability, marketing, SEO, IT, music, film, Cabo, low brow comedy writing, art, Hawaii, quality, cats, and just about anything else people will listen to read.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. i read your page about the differences between hughes and wildblue. we recently heard about celcom internet and are in a 30 day trial. i would like to try and find an EVDO booster antenna, could you please give me some suggestions where to look. i hate the high price of hughes and we would really like to be able to use netflix as we are in the middle of nowhere in northern wisconsin.

    thanks for your help, beth

    1. Beth,
      Find out which cell provider has the best 3G signal at or near your house. Then, borrow an aircard from somebody who uses that service. Try it in your house. Does it work? You’re set. If not, put it in a laptop and take it to your roof or a high spot near your house. Does it work there? If so, you just need to get an antenna to plug in to the card. Put it in your highest window. You’re set. But if none of these work, you need to find the nearest 3G cell tower with line of sight. Get the coordinates. Buy a panel/yagi antenna and aim it carefully. My experience with “boosters” aka amplifiers, is that they can amplify the noise as much as they amplify the signal. Please head back to that hughes vs wildblue article and follow the link to my article about EVDO/aircard/3G internet access for more info.

  2. I have never laughed so hard at someones amazon reviews. nor have I ever even read anyone elses amazon reivews for that matter. 85% Pure gold.

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