Verizon / Alltel Facebook Errors

Verizon is the great satan of telcos. …One of several.

Using Verizon or Alltel to connect via EVDO/3G and having problems with Facebook? You’re not alone. Call Verizon Now (1-800-922-0204) Some have suggested “fixes” to this problem ranging from deactivating and reactivating your Facebook account to editing about:config in FireFox. (No internet explorer specific “fixes”) but alas these efforts are either temporary at best or in vain completely. When I started getting the content encoding error after logging into Facebook I Googled and noticed this thread over at Mozilla. There I first suggested that this could be a problem with Alltel / Verizon. (The former was recently eaten up by the latter.) Turns out I was right. Everybody experiencing the Facebook error is also using Alltel / Verizon.

But how did I know? I used to use Wild Blue satellite to connect to the net. I couldn’t get to a specific site to load. Most people could. Then I talked to somebody else using Wild Blue and he too was unable to load the page. Turns out it was some sort of caching problem within their network. Additionally, after I later switched to Alltel / Verizon EVDO I noticed that they were doing some things that caused certain pages to parse weirdly. (e.g. articles’ text was illegibly too similar to the background color.) I did some troubleshooting with ars and found that Alltel / Verizon was parsing all of the external js and css files inline amongst other allegedly bandwidth saving tactics. Alas, their attempts to save money and time often cause problems.

We’re running into the same sort of thing with Facebook now. I called Verizon (1-800-922-0204) and tried telling them about the problem and the solution. Unfortunately, while their tone is friendly, they don’t really know what they’re doing. They kept trying to tell me it was a firefox problem. So I read them the IE error too. They tried to tell me it was a problem on my end. I told them that my laptop works fine with Facebook from non-Verizon connections. They tried to tell me the issue was local to my service area so I tried in vain to inform them of their many other subscribers having the problem nationwide. No dice.

So I insisted on opening a ticket. But alas, they failed to note some pertinent info. Somebody’s supposed to be calling me back within 72 hours. Lame. So, if you’re having the same problem, call Verizon now and tell them about it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I hate that I’m stuck with Verizon. They messed up Alltel so bad.

3 thoughts on “Verizon / Alltel Facebook Errors

  1. yes , ugh , i started having this problem with any and all , randomly , websites , back in Jan , about two weeks after i received the letter in the mail about , the alltel verizon switch , webpages would stop loading or load say done , have the address reading correctly , but have nothing but white on the page , or load half way and stop, or say loading loading and never load , i also ran into this many times .

    i believe it has something to do with this new software . the software to control peoples contectivaty to the internet , to regalate who gets to go to what site .

    as you may are may not know , about internet 2 , or this plan to control the internet fully , net neutrality , soon it will be so no one can go anywhere unless they pay for access to said site or packages , much like cable tv , or dishnetwork .

    and yes again , i have called and called to verizon , they always say nothing is wrong , i have put in more trouble tickets than i can count , my net would work from 1 to 2 hours after i received the tech call back once the problem was so called ” resolved” i would call back and then they would tell me that it was do to ” LINE OF SITE” to the cell towers , in-which i have had this serves for 5 years with alltel , and it has worked GREAT , tell verizon took over , UGH .. it is not only a conspiracy , but a dark dark plan to control people, in-which i am not going to get into that …
    google for Truth before it is too late……………………………………..

  2. I posted about this Verizon / Facebook problem to a Mozilla forum and got enough people to open tickets with Verizon. They installed a “temporary patch” and then contacted Facebook to have them change the Facebook site. Problem fixed.

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