SEO Reduces PPC Cost

One of my clients recently opened a second Google Adwords account to advertise one of his many businesses. "Why does it cost so much more to go after the same PPC keywords on my new website with this new Adwords account?! Is it because it's new?" I'd previously mentioned to him that good SEO reduces … Continue reading SEO Reduces PPC Cost

SEO, Typography, Usability – Advice to a client

Through better usability (and other practices) we can turn more of your visitors into customers. A client asked for clarification on a few suggestions I'd queued for their project. While I don't offer much background, this article is still informative. Partially edited to protect the innocent. Typesetting and typography: What are they and should I … Continue reading SEO, Typography, Usability – Advice to a client

Webposition Going Downhill Fast

I use Webposition to query search engines and generate reports for SEO. Webposition used to be owned by Webtrends. Nobody can tell who owns them now. I blogged in October about an extended Webposition outage. They never answered their phone and never got back to anybody about what happened. They used to have a standout … Continue reading Webposition Going Downhill Fast

Does Social Media Help SEO?

Google search market share

(This post is more than a decade old, but here's what word was, then.) Don't count on it... At least not directly. One of the oldest tricks in the search engine optimization bag of tricks is to creatively link to your site from other sites. Will posting links on social media outlets like,, … Continue reading Does Social Media Help SEO?

Why Bank of America is Failing

I got my mortgage through Bank of America in 2004. It's a 30-year fixed rate 5.25% dream... of sorts. The dream ended when I tried to pay BOA more. Bank of America automatically withdraws my monthly payment from my bank account. I was paying a little extra on my principal every month. Business is good, … Continue reading Why Bank of America is Failing

Cabo Drug War?

Is Cabo safe from all of the recent Mexican drug cartel action? Short answer: I think so. Cabo should not be considered a front in the current war between the federales and the drug kingpins.  I run a fun Cabo web site and I receive a few emails each week asking me questions about Los … Continue reading Cabo Drug War?