Cabo Drug War?

Is Cabo safe from all of the recent Mexican drug cartel action?

Short answer: I think so. Cabo should not be considered a front in the current war between the federales and the drug kingpins.  I run a fun Cabo web site and I receive a few emails each week asking me questions about Los Cabos. This one came in today from a guy named Sean. Enjoy!

Cabo Drug War Question

Cabo Central,

I came across your site and had a quick question. I am planning to take a vacation down to Cabo next week, but have been reading a lot of news about the drug wars in Mexico. Has it hit Cabo? Any information you can provide would be great. Nice site, by the way.


Cabo is not a Drug Town Answer


Thanks! Cabo is pretty safe. It’s so isolated. Cabo’s economy is nearly 100% tourism based. Wealthy Cabo tourism business owners would surely raise an army to fight drug cartels to protect their interests… were there ever to be problems. Most of the “failing state” BS you’re hearing about relates to Mexican border areas, big cities and maybe even regions in Mexico with arable land where one could grow things that people like to smoke, snort or inject. Cabo is none of these. I wouldn’t worry.

Enjoy your stay,

Dan Dreifort

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