Kauai Bicycling

So I blew my back out over a year ago. (It’s an extruded disc if you want to get technical.) My greatest lament has been my inability to lead a “normal” physically active life. I went so far as to purchase a stationary recumbent bicycle. That worked for a while until my back inexplicably worsened. I’m in that unlucky slot – gaining weight, back too shot to live a normal life, but not bad enough for those usually (allegedly) moneygrubbing cut-happy neurosurgeons to cut me and fix things.

I’ve been to Hawaii several times. Once to Maui and many cherished stops on Oahu. I’m a total sucker for Hawaii. I’ve heard great things about both the Big Island and Kauai. The former – a crazy volcanic pit of lava-tastic adventure, the latter the relatively undeveloped home to the wettest place this side of that other really wet place. (Is it really the wettest in the world?)

When visiting Maui, I really wanted to bike down Haleakala. Two things prevented me from doing this. 1. I was recovering from knee surgery. (Is my connective tissue made of glass?! Didn’t they make a movie about me?) 2. You have to wake up before I usually go to sleep to enjoy tearing down a volcano on two skinny wheels. That one-two punch kept me from biking that day, and might’ve saved my life.

As I type this, I realize that the built in spell checker isn’t working for whatever reason. I was really impressed that I’d spelled “Haleakala” correctly. I don’t think I did. But you know what I mean. (Please contact me if you find spelling errors!)

So as much as the huge volcano isle is tempting, I’m considering Kauai for my next trip. I hear Kauai bicycling opportunities are amazing. I poked around and found a place that rents recumbent bikes, so I might give Kauai bicycling a shot. It’s an older island/volcano, so it’s not as steep and rugged as the Big Island or Maui’s Halewhatever it’s called.

My biggest concern is riding a recumbent bike that actually has wheels. The last and only time I tried to ride one was in the 1980s in Put-in Bay, Ohio, coincidentally also an island. (But not a volcano.) Recumbent bikes were a new (to me) thing, but I was pretty young, so plenty was new to me. They were billed as “the Ferrari of bicycles”. The guy tooling around on one might’ve been the same guy who was renting them to Marks like me. Regardless, the younger and ostensibly more agile me couldn’t grok it. I spent a few minutes trying to get going… but couldn’t. No sale. Bad Mark!

Maybe it’s something that comes with age. I’ve since seen plenty of oldsters riding them. Perhaps it’s one of those necessity things.  “My damn back’s broken. This thing is my only option to not gain fifty pounds. I’ll fight it like Calvin fought his bike if I have to.” Kinda like that?

We’ll see. I doubt I’ll be biking here in Kauai. Doesn’t sound like a good Kauai biking trail.

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