Swine Flu Los Cabos

I’ve been getting a few questions about swine flu in los Cabos and swine flu in Cabo San Lucas. So what’s the real story on swine flu Los Cabos?

Any place in Mexico with domestic Mexican and international travelers mixing is of concern in a potential swine flu pandemic. That is not to say there are confirmed swine flu cases in Cabo. (There aren’t as of 4-27-09.) But you might want to take precautions.

Swine flu cases are spreading around the world at an alarming rate, so it would not be so odd for swine flu to appear in Cabo, so close to Mexico City. Consider wearing a breathing mask on the return flight. Consider delaying your vacation.

Or go and have a great time… this could all blow over soon. Check swine flu tracker for more news.

31 thoughts on “Swine Flu Los Cabos

  1. What a shame. There are no cases of swine flu reported in Los Cabos as of today (April 28) yet many people will cancel their vacation plans due to the fear and panic that is spreading faster than the virus itself. I’m with Dan. While common sense precautions should be taken, undoubtedly this scare will all blow over in a few days or weeks (remember SARS?) and if you cancel your plans, you’ll miss out on having a fabulous time here.

  2. i cant believe how irresponsible the media is… i live in cabo and its totally safe, we are like an island and the hot dry environment is non conducive for the spread of flu.

  3. I am supposed to leave for Cabo San lucas on Saturday May 2, the 3 other passengers I booked the trip with are terrified that they will shut down the borders, and we will not be able to get back, anything I could tell them to make them feel better? I really want to go on vacation, and I am soo pissed at the media as well for making this bigger than it is!

  4. listen… the medication that you need for this flu they sell over the counter. im not saying that this is something you should ignore, however with proper hygiene and basic precaution, you have nothing to worry about. almost 40,000 americans die every year from the flu and its always based on the same issues. lack of attention, precaution and available medical help. Or in other words, if you feel a little sick, go see a doctor.
    Dont let the media scare you from living your life… read up on this flu, check your sources and make your own educated decision. Dont forget that weather MSMBC or FOX, news is based on ratings and since the economy and drug wars have faded from the spot light, the associated press will jump on anything that has legs.

  5. I’m from LA but live in England. I’m getting married in Vegas on the 9th and going to Cabo on the 14th. If my flight is flying, I’m going to Cabo! I’ve got cold medicine, antibac soap and plenty of tissue! I’ll wash my hands often and steer clear of subways (i know there isn’t oen there). I’M GOING TO CABO FOR MY HONEYMOON DAMN IT!!!

  6. I’m supposed to be going to cabo for memorial day and I have no idea what to do….I really do not want to settle for anywhere else!

  7. My husband and I are flying to Cabo on May 19th-27th —We are apprehensive
    but feel that Cabo is as safe as anywhere in Mexico. We are travelling by
    Alaskan Airlines, and feel reasonably safe, since this is a non-stop flight from
    San Francisco. We do not want to reschedule, as anyone who travels to Cabo
    knows how hot it can get further into the Summer. Your pros and cons will be
    appreciated. Shirley and Norm

    1. Not exactly sure that these are the cabo swine flu pros and cons you’re looking for, but…

      Pros: Go now. Don’t live in fear. Take reasonable precautions and you should be fine. Hear somebody coughing on the plane? Take that mask out of your pocket and wear it! Have a great time in Cabo.

      Cons: Bad things happen sometimes. You get swine flu and die. Not as likely as the pros, but you should still be careful.

      Consider a trip to Cabo about as safe as a trip to somewhere in the US. You’re in a confined space for several hours with stale air. Joe Biden told his family not to do that. Is he more paranoid than you?

  8. I’m going to Cabo next Saturday May 9th, and I’m still definitely going!!! This is just the flu… over 100 people a day die on average in the US from the regular flu alone! No wonder so many people have the flu in Mexico City it is the most populated, polluted city on the planet… they say spending a day in Mexico City is like smoking 2 packs of cigarettes. The place is gross and Cabo isn’t even on the mainland… If you leave in Cali or would go to Cali its the same as going to Cabo. See ya there!!

  9. I’m also going to Cabo on May 9 and will be getting married there on May 11. I am somewhat torn about this, but as things are right now, I am still planning to go. The media has hyped this up so much that I was starting to get scared myself. But when you put things into perspective, how much danger are we in? It’s true, thousands of people die every year in the US from the seasonal flu. Just wash your hands and try to stay away from sick people! Mexico City is as far from Cabo as it is from the United States. Unless I hear that suddenly everyone in Cabo has this flu, I do not want to cancel my plans and my wedding! We know that there is treatment on the off chance that we get sick. I plan to enjoy myself!

  10. Leaving this Saturday for Cabo. We (a party of 4) won’t let a few cases of the flu interfere. As a precaution, we have masks and medication, however, how do you drink Corona with a mask?

    See you there!

  11. Look Cabo Is to far away and isolated to get swine flu ,there is no real population concentration ,everything is too spread out .So don’t worry come and get your groove on in paradise

  12. Hey guys! Thanks for being hopeful! I’m coming too! See you there!

    Ruby! go get married and be happy 🙂 Thats what matters most! You should be rejoicing in your happy day no matter what. Thats what I’m doing!! 🙂

  13. If I get the flu while on vacation in Cabo coming up… oh well, I’ll die tan. They say drink lots of fluids when sick…no problem! There are plenty of bars.

  14. We are going to Cabo San Lucas, we have plan this for sometime, I am worried we may get stucked there however it will not be the first time, there was a hurricane there and we had to stay a few days more, how fun was that, there is no place better then that I would like to be stuck at. It did cost us more money but it was sooo worth it. Lets just enjoy the time we have, that’s all we got. ENJOY EVERYDAY. ELAINE

    1. Yes Mame! Carpe Diem 😉 Can wait for a pinacolda/strawberry daiquiri by the pool and hopefully to make some friends down there! If we get sick we get sick I haven’t had the flu in years Knock On Wood!

  15. I dunno but there quite alot of people that keep saying that “It is all part of the federal government’s plan. They have made this flu up. Where are the pictures of any casualty. Where are they? YOu know what pictures we have, we have proof that 9/11 was an inside job done by Bush. We have proof of FEMA concentration camps for people that do not agree with them. We have proof that the bankers and the Rothschild family are the ones that caused this big crash. We know that Obama is one of the NWO. He is also an illuminati scum. He is not the people’s president, he is the slave of UN and the NWO. There is no such thing as the swine flu. This is Obama’s 9/11 cover-up!”. I hope this flu epidemic clears out as soons as possible. Too much conspiracing rise about this and all.. http://slashingtongue.com/opinion/swine-flu-over-hyped/

  16. My husband and 21 year old daughter and I are going on May 10th to Cabo. We’ve been several times before and aren’t worried at all about getting sick while we’re there. Most of the time you are outside in the wonderful dry salt-water tinged air-no smog-what could be better? We’ll take extra precaution on the planes and airport (Alaska Air has boosted their cleaning of the aircraft in-between flights, so it should be the cleanest it’s ever been!). Although we are keeping an eye on the info, the media has really blown it out of proportion. The World Health Organization (go on their official site) is NOT recommending travel bans. So if you are healthy, go and enjoy. Cabo is a wonderful place with wonderful Mexican people. (just watch out for the timeshare sharks) (:)

  17. Wow… do we go or do we stay HOME? There is four of us coming from Santa Barbara CA going to Cabo, we all want to go and what I can see it looks pretty safe! I was pretty upset to hear my flight from LAX to San Diego (change planes) then off to Cabo, that flight comes from Mexico City! I’m glad to read that Alaska Airlines is cleaning each aircraft between flights! Too bad it take a KILLER FLU to have this done! Each and every flight coming to and from another Country should be cleaned! Thats a no brainer! Get a clue Clean it!

  18. As of the 4th no cases of swine flu. I was at the doctor last week and they blood test everyone who goes in for any type of flu like symptom. I think if you worry to come here you should worry to go anywhere since there are more cases all over the US everyday and none here. Also I believe because of the fear and the way the blood test are taken that any flu right now is being called swine.

    The only thing to fear is fear it’s self. Come and have fun!

  19. Just spent a week in Cabo. No swine flu! Very few tourists though. Had a great time, but the economy is suffering there. If you are thinking of going….GO. Have fun.

  20. I just wanted to let everyone know I went to my honeymoon in Cabo and am back, healthy and wealthier for the experience. Its such a beautiful place! great food service and idyllic! I have the best tan now too! YEA! 🙂 So for all the people who are still worried. just go. The media is making the flu sound like ebola and its not.

  21. I also just got back from Cabo. Had an amazing time and no flu whatsoever. I talked to many artists while there and they said the economy of the 2 cities is hurting very much because of the media.

    It is a wonderful, beautiful place to be enjoyed. Go on vacation and relax, the media is just trying to get you to watch.

    I would recommend lunch at Las Ventanas resort, the whole experience was a postcard in itself.

  22. What most do not know is the swine flu is the same one from the mid 70’s, and that the WHO world health organization is responsible for releasing this disease and others into the population for population control……it is also a known fact that the vaccines are highly poisonous and cause more deaths and illness than the actual flu itself, something is going on…..

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