Ideal Home Humidity

What is the ideal home humidity? If you like most in the US live in the temperate zones, summer humidity is fast approaching. Humidity is not just uncomfortable in your house, it can ruin even the most solidly built homes. Too much humidity in your home and mold runs rampant. So what is the ideal home humidity? In the summer, keep home humidity under 50% / fifty percent to keep comfort high and fungus at bay. Put a humidifier in your basement and you’ll be happy.

Ideal home humidity accomplishes several things

  • better air quality because of low spore count
  • save money from not running A/C as much
  • prevent mildew growth, prolonging the life of your home
  • stop sweating so damn much
  • etc.

Even if you have whole house air conditioning, you might need a dehumidifier in the basement. What about humidity in other parts of the house? The bathroom is the worst offender. If you don’t already have exhaust fans in your bathroom, install them now. Fans are cheap, and in these rocky economic times, a posting on craigslist will find you somebody to install it on the cheap. Let your fan run for 30 minutes after a shower to eliminate excess humidity. No more mold or mildew.

Get a squeegee and wipe the shower walls down after you’re done cleaning your nasty self. It’s amazing how much water sticks on the walls of your shower. Get it to the drain to help control home humidity.

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