SEO Usability Vacuum

That SEO and usability don't flourish in a vacuum has been on my mind lately. Sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. If there's nobody to hear your pearls of SEO wisdom do they make a sound? The sound of silence sends no sales. Four cases of constructive complaining follow. Case #1 - Hire Experts + … Continue reading SEO Usability Vacuum

xCommenter Bad for SEO – Bad for your site

Got an email from one of my contract coders today about a supposed SEO plugin for WordPress called xCommenter: Hey Dan -- Ever heard of xCommenter wp-plugin? Just wondering what your opinion is on these sort of tools. What is xCommenter? Will it help my site's SEO? xCommenter parses your post's tags, title and … Continue reading xCommenter Bad for SEO – Bad for your site

Advanced Web Ranking Here I Come

WebPosition's old standalone version finally stopped querying Google correctly. I'm now in the process of switching to Advanced Web Ranking (AWR). Per my earlier post about finding a WebPosition replacement and some followup in the comments, AWR is the only solution to meet all of the critical SEO software criteria. I'm still apprehensive; it's always … Continue reading Advanced Web Ranking Here I Come

SEO Blogging Best Practices

(WARNING! This article is several years old now. The world of SEO changes often. Take this and any other SEO advice with a grain of salt and an eye for the contemporary.) This article assumes your web team has already configured your blog on a good blogging platform like WordPress with all the best SEO … Continue reading SEO Blogging Best Practices

Wordtracker KEI Fail, Wordtracker Alternatives & SEO News

I recently reluctantly renewed my subscription to Wordtracker, a keyword research tool and database. Why was I so reluctant? (And why am I considering asking for a refund?) Wordtracker provides poor documentation and regularly switches the formulas they use for data they offer without notifying its customers. Wordtracker Changes the Meaning of "Searches" In 2009 … Continue reading Wordtracker KEI Fail, Wordtracker Alternatives & SEO News

Need Help Finding a WebPosition Replacement

WebPosition was pretty great until Infospace bought them in 2009. Then came the outages. What was once a wonderfully supported suite of SEO SERP tools turned into a nightmare. The newly released Webposition is a web-only interface (vs. software you install on your computer.) Whereas you used to pay a few hundred bucks to own … Continue reading Need Help Finding a WebPosition Replacement

SEO Reduces PPC Cost

One of my clients recently opened a second Google Adwords account to advertise one of his many businesses. "Why does it cost so much more to go after the same PPC keywords on my new website with this new Adwords account?! Is it because it's new?" I'd previously mentioned to him that good SEO reduces … Continue reading SEO Reduces PPC Cost

SEOpen Google PageRank Status & Duplicate Tab Addons for FireFox 3.6.x

A post from back in the day when it was much easier to modify Firefox add-ons wherein I updated some great Firefox addon extensions again so they'll work with the then-latest greatest.  My previous post about Google PageRank Status and SEOpen has the links to the files. Enjoy. In retrospect, this is a horrible blog … Continue reading SEOpen Google PageRank Status & Duplicate Tab Addons for FireFox 3.6.x

SEO, Typography, Usability – Advice to a client

Through better usability (and other practices) we can turn more of your visitors into customers. A client asked for clarification on a few suggestions I'd queued for their project. While I don't offer much background, this article is still informative. Partially edited to protect the innocent. Typesetting and typography: What are they and should I … Continue reading SEO, Typography, Usability – Advice to a client

Webposition Going Downhill Fast

I use Webposition to query search engines and generate reports for SEO. Webposition used to be owned by Webtrends. Nobody can tell who owns them now. I blogged in October about an extended Webposition outage. They never answered their phone and never got back to anybody about what happened. They used to have a standout … Continue reading Webposition Going Downhill Fast