Me Writing About Me Writing About Me Writing

Or: I used to write a weekly column.

Big piece about coins and COVID in the works, kids, but it’s been stuck at the 88% done mark for a few weeks. Maybe this’ll help to break the blog content logjam? (It did!) Well, I actually have drafts of several mundane blog posts gathering digital dust, but I’m most excited about the COVID coins thing.

Former fellow Cactus Pear Tony Xenos updated the Cactus Pear Facebook page yesterday, and I got a notice about it. Which made me take a peek at the aging Cactus Pears website. At one point, I was really proud of its bleeding edge aspects, but that was about two decades ago. Now, I see it as a web 1.1 exhibit on poor UX. …with a bunch of broken links.

Getting to the part about writing…

I deleted a bunch of dead links from the Pears’ site, and used‘s Wayback Machine to link to cached versions of some link targets. ( is a treasure. I try to give them a few coins every year.) It was then I fell down the archived rabbit hole of Matt Toledo’s old Athens Musician Network website and stumbled upon something I wrote for the AMN in 2002.

So meta. It’s a screenshot of me writing about me writing within a piece about me writing about that. If you can get more meta-pedantic self-referential, I’m envious. Click that pic!

I’d been writing a weekly upcoming performance roundup column called The Athens Music Scene for then-twice-weekly rag The Athens NEWS since 1998 and had just thrown in the towel to focus on my blossoming underwear modeling career. But I guess I still had something to say. Maybe I needed to put words to a chip on my shoulder?

So much has changed about being a musician in the nearly two decades since I stopped writing that column. Related: I did adjunct professoring for one semester in 2010 to teach Artist Management. The textbook was a couple years old at the time and was already sorely out of date. I gave extra credit to students who’d point out examples of that.

Writing, music, meta, me, marketing, and whining?

Oh, point being, regardless of how old this 2002 sayonara piece is, there are still a few relevant nuggets for musicians and artists trying to make a splash a little deeper into the 21st century. But mostly, I’m a fan of writing, music, meta, me, marketing, and whining, so how could I not link to this ‘Bye Felicia!” article? Enjoy.

Dan Dreifort wrote this article because he had the AMN article loaded up and didn’t want to forget about it. And he knew it would write itself. And he has to shut down his PC to add another 16 GB of RAM. Because everybody needs 32 GB, right? Sure. Thanks for reading. Oh, quick aside: my last ties to the ANews severed recently when editor Terry Smith retired. Bon voyage, Terry. I learned a lot from you and I’m privileged to call you a friend.

2 thoughts on “Me Writing About Me Writing About Me Writing

  1. Hey and Shalom Dan,
    It is easier to geht in contact with our chancellor here than getting a Mail to you 😁. How are you? I am busy with an Experiment with stilton cheese and a pair of brand new shoes. I’d be happy to geht a schort Message from you . Love, Gaga

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