File Under Coronavirus Regurgitation

covid-19 coronavirus quarantine blah blah
Wash yer damn hands, ya heathens.

A decade ago, at the end of the aughts, I succinctly summarized the decade in health. Well, at least what I thought were the two biggest takeaways.

You should read it.

I mean, clearly, there’s probably nothing earth-shattering in there.

But y’all shoulda listened ten years ago.

Just sayin’.

Covid-19? Intrigue? Handshakes? Pop culture? Coughing? It’s all there. And the WHO sure as $#^& ain’t spreading anything close to truth, or even half-helpful lies, so, what do you have to lose?

Related: You know who’s been pimping the best health blog posts lately? Jason Kottke. His is the only blog I read, other than, natch.


Dan Dreifort is one of those annoying told-ya-so people who goes around saying things like, “Gross! You should’ve washed your hands.” or stuff like, “Read the thing I wrote a decade ago.”

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