Selling my comic books :(

forlorn-supesFile under boring, self-serving blog posts.

After more decades than I care to admit, I’m finally moving to another state and I don’t plan to haul my comic books with me.

1,679 comic books spanning more than 60 years.

This little link comics-for-sale-all takes you to a spreadsheet listing them all. Sort it as you will. Don’t judge me. Please share with comic collectors you know. I’m only looking for offers on the entire collection.

I’m willing to heavily discount while selling the collection in one fell swoop, but if I don’t get a good offer, I’ll probably sell a few of the most valuable comics individually on eBay and then donate the rest.

If you want me to expand this post to discuss materialism, letting go, and a history of comic lists — let me know 😉

5 thoughts on “Selling my comic books :(

  1. I remember being in awe of this collection a million yrs ago. Sweaty summer bike rides to Abbie’s or the comic shop way out in Cleveland Hts. with a stack of comics waiting to be read. Talkin’ nerd-talk about favorite and intricate comic plot-lines at a table in the Shaker Hts Middle School and watching you eat record-breaking numbers of ketchup packets in one slurp. Throwing a food at the prepster kids in their white t-shirts and pegged jeans. Having that food tossed right back us.Escaping all that back into superpower retreats, Yummy Fur, Gi Joe, X-Men, Avengers, Dark Knight, Killing Joke….

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