Cabo Drug Cartels?

Got another question about Cabo San Lucas / San Jose del Cabo and the Mexican drug cartel violence the US media loves to trumpet lately. Is there a connection? Should I be worried if I’m traveling to Cabo? Will I be abducted by the Mexican Mafia and cut up into little pieces? No. No. No.

Here’s the latest Cabo querey

I am starting to get discouraged about my trip to Cabo since everyone is
telling me that I will likely be abducted by the Mexican Mafia and cut
into pieces.  I read most of your Cabo website, but not sure how long ago
that was posted.  How safe are things currently and what should I expect
in the first week of May?  I will continue to browse through your
website.  It has encouraged me to try and venture out to get a tasty

Anxious Traveler

Dear Anxious Traveler,

Everything you hear about Mexican drug cartels, drug violence, kidnappings, murders and the like almost always includes the following geo-modifying phrases: Nogales, Juarez, Tijuana, border town, etc. Cabo is about 1,000 curvy miles from the US border. It’s everything but a border town and a seriously solid two day drive to the US.

Drug cartels have no reason to focus effort on Cabo. Los Cabos should remain a peaceful tourist mecca even if the FUD about Mexico becoming a “failed state” is true. There’s too much clean money to be made in Cabo. The only thing to know about an early May Cabo trip is that you might catch the tail end of some spring breakers. If you’re on your spring break, that can be fun. If not, drunk teenagers might annoy you. Enjoy your trip!

– Dan Dreifort

5 thoughts on “Cabo Drug Cartels?

  1. not true the cartels are in cabo they was a recent (October 2011) clash in cabo resulting in one death
    police chief abducted and killed.

  2. Just Google Aug 14, 2010 Cabo Bello. If you can translate or read spanish better, but that should raise the hairs on any neck. You and the reader should know that its much worse than it seems. Only a fool would plan a visit to Cabo thinking an asprin is all the insurance he needs. Shame on you!

    1. Whatever. I just spent two weeks in Cabo. Walked all over the place day and night. There’s ONE attack years ago in a city and you think it’s unsafe?! What’s your criteria? What’s the murder/crime rate in YOUR town? There’s very little tourist crime in Cabo and little crime otherwise. It’s about as safe as anywhere. You can even die in your own US gated community. Get some perspective and quit your fear mongering, please.

      Hell, even that pit Tijuana is safer than many US cities. In 2011 Philadelphia had a higher murder rate than and more car jackings than Tijuana yet Philly had more than 3 times as many police officers as Tijuana.

      If you want to live in fear of something that happened to one person in a city several years ago, my guess is you’re scared just about everywhere in the world. Have fun with that.

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