Freud on Religion

Chris 'Siggy' Toothless
Freud, in headier times.

Sigmund Freud spent considerable time and effort examining religion. Freud on religion is usually presented as a cut and dry, “he hated it” sort of affair. But Freud was clearly more confused than convinced when it came to his nemesis religion. Read the article linked to earlier in this post for a take on Freud unintentionally and inadvertently empowering religion through the Freudian filter. Witness psychology’s father of psychoanalysis writhe posthumously. It’s fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

One thought on “Freud on Religion

  1. Thanks for passing that article on! It seems Freud was contantly at odd with his father and the heavenly father figure he saw in God. His rejection of religion was indeed a very personal one, eh?

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