Indelible Beancurd

indelible beancurdIndelible Beancurd

My super best friend Ethan and I get together a couple times a year to write and record music. We recently released five years’ of goofing around. We called ourselves Indelible Beancurd and our album is “These curds don’t run.” (Yep, no title case for the title… *except* on the CD cover… our incredible indelible beancurd artist is also a grammarian. What can we do? I mean… he’s right, right?)

Recording Indelible Beancurd Coast to Coast

We recorded one song in a room in Brooklyn. Some tracks we recorded in a house in Galt, CA. We laid some zeroes and ones in an Athens, OH studio, recorded in NYC apartments and spent some coin on a studio in Manhattan for several tracks. Many friends helped with the Indelible Beancurd effort. Check out our web site or the liner notes for those well deserved shoutouts.

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