iDrive security breach. Backblaze not much better.

UPDATED for 2022:I switched to Backblaze because they claimed to offer unlimited data. But they won't let you backup anything in certain commonly used directories. If some of your programs store data in \program files\ or \program files (x86)\ or any of many other locations, you're SOL if/when you need to restore. Had I known … Continue reading iDrive security breach. Backblaze not much better.

SEO Usability Vacuum

That SEO and usability don't flourish in a vacuum has been on my mind lately. Sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. If there's nobody to hear your pearls of SEO wisdom do they make a sound? The sound of silence sends no sales. Four cases of constructive complaining follow. Case #1 - Hire Experts + … Continue reading SEO Usability Vacuum