How to make New Buckyballs Shape – Tetrahedron

No juggalo, I like playing with magnets. Fun with magnets A friend gave me a Ball of Whacks a few years ago. I played with them so much, my special lady friend threatened to leave me the next time I said, "Hey babe, look at this weird shape I made!" Buckyballs are great fun for … Continue reading How to make New Buckyballs Shape – Tetrahedron

SEO Blogging Best Practices

(WARNING! This article is several years old now. The world of SEO changes often. Take this and any other SEO advice with a grain of salt and an eye for the contemporary.) This article assumes your web team has already configured your blog on a good blogging platform like WordPress with all the best SEO … Continue reading SEO Blogging Best Practices

Intel 4500mhd Shared Video Change Allocated Memory

My mostly spiffy new Acer 1810t laptop uses the Intel 4500 video chipset. It's fine for video as long as you're not a modern gamer. If you like playing older games, it works fine. However, unlike older integrated video processors, there's no easy way to directly change the amount of shared memory allocated to video. … Continue reading Intel 4500mhd Shared Video Change Allocated Memory

Determine Line of Sight

EDIT: This post is old. the link to the software doesn't work anymore, but Google has some ideas. Download at your own risk. I use EVDO to connect to the intertubes. My indoor 7dbi omni antenna topped out at 1mbps down / 100kbps up on a very good day, usually lingering at about 500kbps down … Continue reading Determine Line of Sight