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Swine Flu Los Cabos

27 Apr

I’ve been getting a few questions about swine flu in los Cabos and swine flu in Cabo San Lucas. So what’s the real story on swine flu Los Cabos?

Any place in Mexico with domestic Mexican and international travelers mixing is of concern in a potential swine flu pandemic. That is not to say there are confirmed swine flu cases in Cabo. (There aren’t as of 4-27-09.) But you might want to take precautions.

Swine flu cases are spreading around the world at an alarming rate, so it would not be so odd for swine flu to appear in Cabo, so close to Mexico City. Consider wearing a breathing mask on the return flight. Consider delaying your vacation.

Or go and have a great time… this could all blow over soon. Check swine flu tracker for more news.

Cabo San Lucas Weather

4 Mar

I’ve traveled to Cabo / Los Cabos Mexico a few times, an area that encompasses both the relatively sleepy San Jose del Cabo and the comparatively exciting Cabo San Lucas. Why do I go? In part because the weather in Cabo San Lucas is always amazing. Sunny and hot in the summer. Sunny and warm in the winter. The cool ocean breezes temper the extreme summer heat so you don’t really notice you’re in a desert – an observation further occluded by the lush imported vegetation decorating the seaside touristy areas of Cabo.

Cabo Weather

My cabo web site, was lacking a clear page about Cabo San Lucas weather. So I made one. Just click that link over which your eyes just meandered. I know that you can find Cabo weather information in multiple places online, but I want to eventually create a comprehensive Cabo weather portal. I started by adding three different Cabo weather widgets or gadgets. Clicking on any one of them will display more information about the Cabo weather forecast.

Soon I’ll add monthly temperature and precipitation averages. (It doesn’t rain much in Cabo.) And I’ll try to get some really good information about the ocean temperature in the Sea of Cortez / Gulf of California. I brought my snorkel gear to Cabo in February once only to find that the water was a little too chilly. That’s not to say you couldn’t swim, plenty of people did. I even waded around a little. But if you want to linger in the water and snorkel for  long periods, the depth of winter isn’t so comfortable.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Cabo Drug War?

2 Mar

Is Cabo safe from all of the recent Mexican drug cartel action?

Short answer: I think so. Cabo should not be considered a front in the current war between the federales and the drug kingpins.  I run a fun Cabo web site and I receive a few emails each week asking me questions about Los Cabos. This one came in today from a guy named Sean. Enjoy!

Cabo Drug War Question

Cabo Central,

I came across your site and had a quick question. I am planning to take a vacation down to Cabo next week, but have been reading a lot of news about the drug wars in Mexico. Has it hit Cabo? Any information you can provide would be great. Nice site, by the way.


Cabo is not a Drug Town Answer


Thanks! Cabo is pretty safe. It’s so isolated. Cabo’s economy is nearly 100% tourism based. Wealthy Cabo tourism business owners would surely raise an army to fight drug cartels to protect their interests… were there ever to be problems. Most of the “failing state” BS you’re hearing about relates to Mexican border areas, big cities and maybe even regions in Mexico with arable land where one could grow things that people like to smoke, snort or inject. Cabo is none of these. I wouldn’t worry.

Enjoy your stay,

Dan Dreifort

Cabo and other things Mexican… vacation!

20 Feb

I’ve been to Cabo a few times.  I love it. It’s a little heavy on the time share sales pitches, but then again, so are many other popular vacation spots. So many things to do in Cabo. But my favorite time-passer is Cabo food, specifically, tacos. Truth be known, the next time I go back to Mexico, I’ll likely bypass Cabo for a little place called Zihuatanejo. It’s near Ixtapa on the coast of southern Mexico. I’ve got my eye on one of the best Zihuatanejo villas, and though they might sell it as being perfect for weddings in Zihuatanejo, it looks good for chilling withOUT getting hitched too! Anybody wanna take a trip?

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