won’t load on Verizon Wireless

(Updated 3/25/2010 below) If your Verizon Wireless connection does not load bing correctly. Please leave a comment here. If you’re not having a hard time viewing in both firefox and internet explorer over a Verizon Wireless air card EVDO connection, then you’re going to be really bored here. Go visit uncool instead.  Verizon Wireless support won’t open a ticket for me to fix this bing problem unless I can find another customer having the same problem. When I load the bing page from my Verizon Wireless connection, all I get is a white screen with one line of orange text – Tell us what you think – and some white on white text visible if I use the mouse pointer to select and highlight. But when I take my computer to any other connection, things are fine. It is only the Verizon Wireless card that won’t load bing.

Verizon Wireless Bing Problem

Back when Alltel still had a hand in my connection, I contacted support about a Verizon Facebook problem.  After I found other people having the same problem on Verizon Wireless, Verizon fixed the problem. But they blew me off until then. Same thing here with Bing Verizon Wireless. It’s not working. Verizon Wireless support is blowing me off. They won’t even open a ticket for me. Verizon told me to contact Bing… but naturally couldn’t tell me how I should go about doing that. How rude.

I wouldn’t hesitate to leave Verizon Wireless for another company, but I’m stuck with them. There’s no DSL or cable at my location. No other EVDO options. Satellite’s latency is too high for the sftp and other stuff I do. ISDN is a sketchy pain. Dialup… ugh. So I just need Bing to load, but Verizon Wireless as usual is not taking any responsibility. How I long for the days of Alltel’s comparatively incredible mediocrity. Please contact me in the comments or by emailing verizonsucks at uncoolcentral dot com

My earlier post declaring Webposition a giant pit of suck still holds true, in that I was complaining about the terrible “support” they provide. So this is not a mea culpa apology. But I should note: I’m MUCH angrier with Verizon Wireless’ terrible “support” than I am/was with webpo’s. As far as I’m concerned, until both companies reimburse me for my wasted time, they can suck it.

Verizon problem solution

I’ve spent the past several months communicating with others experiencing the same problems. There’s power in numbers. Eventually Verizon started replacing modems. After hearing from others that upgrading  to the um175 fixed most problems, I purchased a used Verizon Pantech um175 online to replace my Alltel um150. I took the 175 into the Verizon store a couple of days ago and asked if changing to a new modem would change my plan. Nope. I’m still grandfathered in on the unlimited plan for the time being. I can now access (no thanks to Verizon. Boo!)

Webposition Going Downhill Fast

I use Webposition to query search engines and generate reports for SEO. Webposition used to be owned by Webtrends. Nobody can tell who owns them now. I blogged in October about an extended Webposition outage. They never answered their phone and never got back to anybody about what happened. They used to have a standout guy (Scott Goodyear) doing support for them via both phone and email. Now, when you call Webposition, nobody answers and the line goes dead. When you email, it usually takes > 12 hours for Webposition support to respond with far less than satisfying non-answers.

WebPosition Problems

The most recent problem I’ve been having with Webposition is an error with MSN search results across multiple missions. There’s no continuity (or speed) to the responses I’m getting from Webposition support. It’s clear to me that I’m communicating with multiple people. But you’d never know from their names… because Webposition support doesn’t provide names anymore. One person tells me to send a .mis file (I do) and then a day later says “We have not been able to replicate your error message. What operating system are you using?” I explain there’s nothing special about my PC setup. They respond asking me to send a .mis file. (Sound redundant?) And suggest uninstalling and reinstalling.  I uninstall Webposition. Reinstall Webposition. Enter my Webposition unlock code. Oh, then I’m told my license is revoked. Can’t use the software anymore. Can’t get anybody on the phone. Can’t even leave a message. There’s more, but it’s even more repetitive and mundane, so I’ll spare you.

If you know of a good Webposition alternative, and have had a good personal experience with it for gathering SEO data, please comment. I almost purchased Web CEO instead of Webposition, now I’m sort of thinking I should have.

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