Webposition Outage

Amongst other tools, I use Webtrends’ Webposition to help with SEO. It’s not the cheapest software in the world nor is it without its problems. I’ve been a satisfied customer for a few years nonetheless. Up until today at least.

I was belatedly finishing my end of month SEO reporting today when I fired up Webposition – only to receive a series of error messages about being unable to connect. After verifying that my connection was indeed working, I decided to grab their support phone number from the webposition.com web site. A-ha! Their site was down. No immediate phone support gratification. I fired off an email to help@webposition.com. That was about twelve hours ago. Still haven’t heard back.

Their site is still down. I’ve trolled the blogosphere and can’t find any other mentions of this outage. I poked around and found a webpostion support phone number on another site and called it. A British woman’s recorded voice instructed me to dial 510-962-5035 “directly” and then the line just hangs there in silence. I know I’ve always dialed a 503 number in Oregon to talk to webposition in the past. And this new number goes to a busy signal immediately.

Further troubling is the fact that searching for “webposition” on the webtrends.com site doesn’t deliver any obvious results. This is troubling. Any clues? This wouldn’t be such a huge deal except that their DRM/licensing checks require access to the now-down webpostition.com site. Without regular (sometimes daily) updates, this software becomes obsolete.

If you know anything of this outage. Please post a comment.

Addon Extension Updates for Firefox 3.5

download firefox now
download firefox now

I’m mostly a fan of the new firefox 3.5, but some of my favorite extensions haven’t been updated. Or at least they hadn’t until I updated them.

SEOpen for Firefox 3.5 – (right-click, save as, then drag into ff 3.5)

Duplicate Tab for Firefox 3.5 – (right-click, save as, then drag into ff 3.5)

Google Pagerank Status for Firefox 3.5 – (right-click, save as, then drag into ff 3.5)

Updating the extensions is really easy. I just changed one line in the install.rdf of each extension. Got one you want to update to work with firefox 3.5? Get a good extraction app like 7zip. Right click on the old xpi file and select open archive from the 7zip sub-menu. Double click the .rdf in 7zip. Change the em:maxVersion tag to >/= 3.5. Save the file, updating the archive. And reinstall the addon by dragging it into Firefox 3.5. Natch, I’ve already done that for the three addons above. So if you’re looking for updates, there you go. But it really only takes about ten seconds to update each addon by yourself… and then you don’t have to worry about grabbing files from a stranger!

What else about Firefox 3.5? Love it, except for the fact that it’s all of a sudden opening links from external apps (like Thunderbird) in new windows instead of new tabs. Really annoying. I want firefox 3.5 to open all links in new tabs. Never in a new window. Any ideas?